MSD6014 LS Ignition Control Units

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MSD6014 LS Ignition Control Units

Specific to GM LS engines, new and improved ignition control is engineered to be both versatile and reliable. Compatible with stock crate or highly modified engines, Ignition may be set-up with adjustable preset timing curves, or custom timing curves may be programmed using user-friendly MSD View software. Ignition also features high-speed data acquisition, an optional coolant temperature sensor input, idle timing control, programmable step retard, RPM rev limiters, and individual cylinder timing.

MSD6014 - MSD LS Ignition Control - Red
MSD60143 - MSD LS Ignition Control - Black

Brand: MSD Ignition
Part Type: Timing Controllers, Electronic
Product Line: MSD Ignition Control Units
Controls Ignition Advance: Yes
Controls Ignition Retard: Yes
Adjustable: Yes
Adjustment Style: Externally adjustable
Ignition Box Required: No
Compatible with Multiple Coil Ignitions: Yes
Quantity: Sold individually.
Notes: Features a red or black powdercoat finish. Can be installed on both 24x and 58x crank trigger engines. Will work on carbureted or fuel injected engines.


MSD Ignition Control Units

MSD ignition controls are the most successful aftermarket ignitions ever made. The multiple spark design has won races and championships in every type of motorsport. MSD ignitions are consistent, reliable and durable, even under extremely harsh conditions. The results speak for themselves--more power, easier starting, quicker throttle response, smooth idle, and improved fuel consumption.