Havoline Conventional Antifreeze/Coolant Concentrate (Green)

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Havoline Conventional Antifreeze/Coolant Concentrate (Green)

Havoline® Conventional Antifreeze/Coolants are low silicate, ethylene glycol based multi-purpose coolants designed for use in automotive engines where silicates are needed and with SCA addition in heavy-duty diesel engines.


Havoline Conventional Antifreeze/Coolants deliver value through:

  • Wide Service Application — These silicate containing products can be used in a wide variety of automotive vehicles where a low silicate product is required. It can also be used in heavy duty engines when SCA's are added. These products are also suitable for use in industrial internal combustion engines where an antifreeze/coolant is required to provide protection against freezing, boil over, and corrosion.
  • Service Life — 2 years or 50,000 miles (80,500 km) in automotive service or up to 250,000 miles (400,000 km) in heavy duty service when supplemental coolant additives are used and correct top up practices are followed.
  • Protection — Provides excellent protection to automotive cooling system components including aluminum.
  • Wide temperature application - Protects against winter freeze up and minimizes the chances of summer boil over.
  • Antifoam properties - Excellent antifoam package minimizes foaming potential.


Havoline Conventional Antifreeze/Coolants are single phase, ethylene glycol based products blended with a premium quality additive package. They are low silicate coolants designed for use in both heavy-duty diesel and automotive engines, particularly those containing aluminum alloys. When used in Heavy Duty Diesel application, an initial dose of supplemental coolant additive is required. In addition, routine SCA application will also be required. Please follow engine OEM recommendations regarding coolant maintenance. These products provide antifoam properties, and rust and corrosion protection for aluminum, brass, copper, solder, steel and cast iron. They mix readily with any clean tap water and are compatible with cooling system filters and supplemental additives. Havoline Conventional Antifreeze/Coolant products are free of nitrites and amines.

Havoline Conventional Antifreeze/Coolants have a service life of 2 years/50,000 miles (80,500 km) in automotive applications and 200,000 to 250,000 miles (320,000 to 400,000 km) in heavy duty application when SCA's are added.


Recommended applications for Havoline Conventional Antifreeze/Coolant products:

  • Automobiles requiring a non-extended life, silicate containing coolant meeting ASTM D3306.
  • Heavy duty cooling systems requiring a nonextended life, low silicate coolant that is compatible with supplemental coolant additives.
  • Industrial cooling systems, recreational equipment and compressors where a low silicate, non-extended life formulation is recommended.